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Tribal Membership

Image by Mick Haupt

Member History

There are thirteen lineal descendants their names are as follows: Alec, Beecher, Bob, Cheepo, Joe, Lewis, Major, Marvin, McCabe, Moore, Riley, Sample.

Interesting fact: Wilbur Beecher is the last living lineal descendants. All the surrounding families gathered around and signed to join the tribe and make an official tribe in the 1958 prior to the BIA finalizing the tribe.


During this time and 1982 we consider this time as the Termination Era of the tribe.  Only in the March 28, 1983 is when the San Joaquin Band of Western Mono Indians or Big Sandy Rancheria V. James Watt is when the tribe sued the state of California and won!


Today we are totaling a total of 578 tribal members 370 older than 18 the rest are child base.

Membership Forms

Does the tribe have your current address? If it has changed, let us know. Also, when a tribal member turns 18 years of age, it is their responsibility to notify the tribe. If you have recently had a child, you must submit an application for enrollment, a family tree form, a copy of their birth certificate, and a copy of their social security card.


Please email filled out forms to Matthew Munoz at

Image by Chris Lawton
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