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Tribal Gaming Commission

It is the goal of the Tribal Gaming Commission to regulate and protect Tribal assets and profits for the membership of the tribe in a responsible, respectable, and honorable manner.

Tribal Gaming Commission

The Gaming Commission of the Big Sandy Band of Western Mono Indians (Big Sandy Gaming Commission) is the Tribes regulatory agency that ensures the Tribes Mono Wind Casino complies with all Tribal, Federal, and State gambling laws and regulations. 


  • Conducting background investigations and issuing licenses to all potential employees, primary management officials, and vendors wishing to do business with the casino.


  • Conducting or causing to be conducted audits and inspections of the casino, licensees, and vendors.


  • Investigating any suspicion of criminal activity, wrongdoing, or violations in connection with any gaming activities, including imposing fines or other sanctions established by the Commission and the Tribal Council. 


  • Conducting and investigating exclusion appeals. 


  • The review, testing, verification, and approval of all Class III gaming. 


  • Establish and implement Gaming Commission regulations. 


  • Review and approve Mono Wind Casino operational procedures.


  • Ensuring the health and safety of patrons, employees, and the environment.

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Image by Kvnga


Rudy Gonzalez 

Gaming Commission Director 



Amy Johns

Gaming Commissioner- Backgrounds Investigations



Ramon Ramirez 

Gaming Commissioner- Surveillance



Vanessa Leal

Gaming Officer


Randy Lugo 

Surveillance Manager 

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