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California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC)

Who is CIMC?
CIMC is a non-profit organization that supports and assists American Indians and other Native Americans living in California. CIMC accomplishes this by offering job training, employment and other activities that benefit the social welfare, educational and economic advancement of its member tribes, groups, organizations and the American Indian community as a whole.

CIMC offers:
Employer Services
Client Services
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Comprehensive Service Program:

  • Core Services
  • Intensive Services
  • Training Services
  • Youth Services

A Native Employment Works (NEW) Program

Our Vision
As first Americans, we walk in the present, with our eyes on the future and the past in our hearts. We advocate pride in our cultural integrity. We honor the spirit that ensures continuity of the sacred circle. Our team of caring professionals:

  • Empower Native Americans to Achieve Excellence
  • Revitalizes our Communities
  • Embraces the Challenge of the 21st Century

Fresno Field Office
5108 E. Clinton Av, Ste. 127
Fresno, CA 93727
Phone: 559-456-9195
Fax: 559-456-8330